Your Submission Document

Section or Scene Breaks: In many books, authors use a form of graphics to separate scenes or sections. The common ones I see used are asterisks or other symbols selectable from the keyboard. Another options is to find or create a glyph for your scene break. If you choose to use a scene break simply put it in your document where you want it. When we format your book, we will insert your scene break for you. The use of a glyph is not a problem and will not cost you anything else.

Showing us the changes to your document: We recommend that you use the “Track Changes” feature of word to get us the changes to make. We have received simple changes, usually of a typo, by grabbing a screen shot of the page or using something similiar to a snipping tool to grab a picture of the type and then tell us the correction. If we are not sure, we will confirm the change with you before implementing it.

Which font is recommended in my document: You may use any font you would like to use. The eReaders allow the reader to select the font and font size that they want to read the book in. The Print on Demand publishers will usually have a selected number of fonts they will use. The Garamond font for Print on Demand is acceptable by all. If you want to use anther font, that can usually be done with not additional concerns.

What document format should I send: Our preferred format is MS word .doc and .docx files, but we can accept other formats.

Do you do both standard and fixed layout ebooks: No, we only do standard ebook formatting at this time.

Will my ebook include metadata: Yes it will. We will include what we have and can include additional metadata, if provided.

Will my ebook include a Table of Contents: It can. The Table of Contents is included in the price.

My book is ready, but the cover isn’t. What should I do: I can use a placeholder cover, format the ebook, then you or I can proofread the text and get the format and layout to your liking. Then when the cover is finished, you send it, I insert it and finish your files and you are ready to publish.


General Questions

Will my ebook look just like my word document: It is possible to have your ebook look exactly like your word document, however, please realize that the eReaders allow the user to control most of the visual aspects of what they are reading. Another words, the eReader and its default / adjustable settings will change the font, text, size, and display of your ebook for each reader. Remember, eReaders vary in size from the iPad, to kindles and nooks, all the way down to smart phones.

Can I get an embedded Table of Contents: Doing an embedded Table of Contents is not a problem and is included in the price. You simply need to have the listing in the desired place within your document.

What form of payments do you accept: We currently process payments by invoicing through PayPal. But you do not need to have a PayPal account to make the payment. The paypal invoice system will allow you to make the payment through various credit cards. If you have a problem or issue with this, please contact us.

What happens if I have problems uploading the final file: All of our work is validated through the industry standard validator, so we do not expect problems, however, if you do experience problems we will work with you to resolve them at no additional costs.

Do I need an ISBN to get the book formatted: We do not require your ISBN to format your book, as it is not required inside of the book. Your ISBN can be included as part of your books metadata when you publish it. However, if you do want it in your book, then you must include it in the manuscript.

What is a “standard” eBook: A standard eBook (generally in ePUB format) employs real-time flowable text so you can read it on any eReader and adjust the font size and style to fit your reading preferences. There is no set pagination with a standard eBook because the number of words displayed per page can change based on user settings and the screen size of the particular device. Most eBooks are standard ePUB format. This format is ideal for text-based books and books with small images embedded amongst the text (which essentially creates paragraph breaks).

What is a “fixed layout” eBook: To put it plainly, the pages of a fixed layout eBook are fixed! Content (images, text, etc) will not “flow” across the page if you change your settings, though most devices will allow the reader to zoom in and out. Fixed layout is like the digital version of typesetting; you can embed fonts, choose the exact placement of visual elements, etc. The benefit of fixed layout is that you’re in complete control of the experience. The drawback is that readers are NOT! With fixed layout, readers lose the ability to resize text, change margins, change spacing, and change fonts. While the content is not re-flowable, a fixed layout eBook can make use of enhanced interactive features. Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon all support derivations of fixed layout ePUB files (though BookBaby currently only delivers fixed layout titles to iBookstore). When it comes to books that rely heavily on design elements or large illustrations/photos (cookbooks, children’s books, comics, etc.), fixed layout may be the better solution if you want to preserve the qualities of the printed page.

I don’t own an eReader. How can I check my ebook: I recommend the Kindle Previewer (free download) for MOBI files; and Adobe Digital Editions (free downloads) for EPUB files. This will allow you to check the formatting and layout, and proofread the text.



What does EBS provide as part of a Smashwords format: We can give you the professionally created epub and mobi files for Direct uploading or we can provide you the properly formatted .doc and .pdf file for Smashwords uploading.

Must I hire someone to do the Smashwords formatting: No. Anyone can format their document for smashwords. Hiring a professional simply takes the responsibility off of you, to get it right.

Is there any guidelines that will help me format my document: Yes, Smashwords publishes a document called the "Smashwords Style Guide" that explains everything you need to know about publishing on Smashwords yourself.

What formats will Smashwords accept: Smashwords will accept properly formatted epub and mobi documents for Direct uploading and .doc files to process through their "Meatgrinder" for distribution to the major publishers.

Will EBS upload my document to Smashwords: No, Smashwords requires that the author or authorized publisher upload the document.

Does Smashwords require a specific sequence in the document: Yes and No. Smashwords requires that the document contain certain pages or declarations in a specific order and then makes suggestions of the order for other pages.

Which versions of Microsoft Word work best with Smashwords: Word 2000 and 2003 work very well, even though they’re older. Over the years, Microsoft has added a lot of unnecessary gunk to Microsoft Word, so these older version have less gunk and are easier to use and more reliable. Word 2007 and later versions also work very well, though be sure to save and upload your file in the .doc format, as opposed to the default .docx format. In Word 2007 onward, .doc is also referred to as “Word 97-2003.”



What is KDP: KDP is a print on demand service that allows you to have printed copies as well as eBook copies. KDP puts your book as a print on demand in major retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Libraries, ingram, and NACSCORP.

Can I submit my smashwords document directly to KDP: No you can not. KDP requires a specific format, which is different then Smashwords.


Ingram Spark

What is Ingram Spark: Ingram Spark is a print on demand service that allows you to have printed copies. Ingram Spark puts your book, as a print on demand, in major retailers.

Do you format manuscripts for Ingram Spark: Yes we do. We will provide you the needed PDF to upload to Ingram Spark.



Do you have samples of your work: We do have the following samples for you to download and view. This sample is a free short story that I formatted and is available from Stacy McKitrick.

  • mobi - Click here to download a short story I manually formatted in the mobi format. This can be used to upload directly to Amazon.
  • ePub - Click here to download a short story I manually formatted in the ePub format. This can be used to upload directly to any location that supports the ePub format.
  • Smashwords - Click here to download a short story I manually formatted in the smashwords format. The file created can be used to upload directly to smashwords and would be expected to be accepted into their premium catalog. This example was placed in the premium catelog and then distributed to the major retailers via smashwords.
  • You will find a selection of our work on the main page of our website. If you would like specific examples, please email us.