Website Services

Enterprise Book Services is offering an inexpensive website services option. This website services option is intended for new authors who would like a presence on the web without an expensive layout. A website presence is a basic requirement for an author. The problem most authors come up with is the website presence is either very expensive and or very technical. Most beginning authors don't have the technical skills to design, build, and then host the website themselves. As a result the author has to hope to find an inexpensive design and hosting service.

Enterprise Book Services is offering that inexpensive website design and hosting service. We have created a simple website template that will give an author a web presence without breaking the authors budget.

Our solution

Most of what needs to be done for a website, I can do. We are offering an introductory website design and hosting service. This service is not for everyone, but it is for an author who wants a simple web presence. I have gathered some of my techie friends and we have agreed to help host websites for authors at a reasonable price. To make it a reasonable price, there will obviously be guidelines and requirements to follow.

  • The website will be considered "static", not "dynamic". That means that the website is not actually attached to a database and does not collect information. Click here for an article explaining the difference and some advantages and disadvantages.
  • Maintenance and setup will be completed by the EBS group.
  • We don't believe in any lengthy contracts. If your web requirements change, simply let us know and we will terminate the site.
  • I have created a couple of simple templates of websites that we can use for our guidelines.
  • Materials and copyright of the website become or is maintained as that of the client, not EBS. This means that you paid for it and if you decide to host it somewhere else, I will simply zip it up into a compressed folder and send it to you. (This is an ability of a static website).
  • All costs associated with the design, build, and maintenance of the site are explained in a section below.
  • Our websites represent each individual author; as a result, the author is expected to participate in the conception and design of the website. (You have to tell us what you are expecting your site to look like and function as.

The Costs

Costs for a website fall into a couple of different categories. I have created these categories to allow some flexibility in the clients costs.

  • Design and Build: This is the cost of someone actually sitting at a keyboard and typing in the commands to produce the site. If you have a five page website designed, it is me actually typing in the commands to build the five pages for the site and making sure they all work together.
  • Graphics: This is the cost associated with creating the needed graphics for the website. In our case, this is the cost of using a graphic artist to build the images that will appear on the website. This is not my skill set so I have an associate to help here.
  • Domain Setup: These costs are considered a reoccurring cost but you can control the frequency of the reoccurrance. These costs will be for the purchase of your Domain name (URL to get to your website). As an example, is a domain. Most Domain name renewals you can set to renew at one to five year increments. Domain name registration is a business for many other companies and as a result, if you want a Domain name that is considered popular or desired, then the annual renewal cost will be much higher.
  • Annual Maintenance and Support: These costs are the unknown to most website supporters. These are the costs associated with a change to the website. As an example, you publish a new book and want that book displayed on your website. Someone has to alter your existing website to display the new book. That alteration is going to cost someone. The additional cost included here is the annual cost associated with putting your website on a webserver, connected to the internet, along with all associated requirements (backup and recovery).

If you design and build your own website, then that cost is not needed, along with the graphics costs. If you will own or do own your own domain, and I will not be managing it, then that cost is not needed. The only costs that will be needed, at a minimum, will be the Annual Maintenance and Support. That is the cost that keeps your site up and running, along with being connected to the internet.

  • Design and Build: I am currently setting this to a cost of $25.00 a page.
  • Graphics: This is dependent on the graphic artist but I use his services because he is good but also inexpensive.
  • Domain Setup: This cost is variable, depending on which Domain Registar is used and their charge for the Domain name. If you want to own it yourself and control it, then I will simply provide you the IP address to enter into their system to make your domain name work.
  • Annual Maintenance and Support: This is the tricky cost. I want the cost to be about $10.00 a month and the cost to include some changes and adjustments. The expectation, from experience with known authors, is that there are usually only a few changes to a new authors website in a year. As a result, I will set this at $10.00 a month and four site changes a year. Additional site changes will then be between $10.00 and $25.00 a change, depending on the magnitude.

A website project

Every website is a project for a business or person. Most website hosting and support businesses have a group of people to create and maintain the website. Remember, there is a lot more to the website then just hosting, it has to be designed and then built. Once established, it then needs to be maintained and updated. To accomplish all of this, you need people with the following skillsets to simply build the site: A web designer, a graphics artist, and a programmer to make it interactive. If you want it to actively talk to a database, you then include the database person. Once you have a site working on the development station, you then need to find a permanent home for it. There are many options for actually hosting a website on the internet. For the average person, your choices are to host it yourself or find a hosting company, and there are a lot of hosting companies available. If you do it yourself, you can host a simple site, out of your basement for the cost of a computer server, server software like Microsoft IIS or Apache, an internet provider that will let you host the site, and a domain name so people can find you on the internet. Then you need to worry about the backup systems for the site and an uninterrupted power system (UPS) to keep your site working when the power goes out. These are the basics of hosting a website out of your basement. The other option would be to find a hosting company. That also seems to fall into two categories of business. There are services available that provide you the computer server and access to the system and expect you to handle all the setup, maintenance, and other requirements. They will provide the physical system and for additional costs, things like backup and UPS support, but you will still be required to do the setup and maintenance. The other category for hosting companies is to find a company that offers space on their web servers and lets you present you website, with a lot of their support. They usually have systems that will allow you to create the site using a template and series of questions or choices and then it magically appears. Of course those sites are usually covered in ads for a cheap price or ad-less for a more expensive price. The bottom line is the amount of work and money you, the author, has to invest in your website.

I know that as an author, my wife would rather spend her time writing and working on her next book then trying to setup or maintenain a website or webpage about the new book. This desire to have my wife write instead of being a techie person trying to get websites to work, has impressed on me the need for authors to have a simple and inexpensive opportunity for a website. That is what I am trying to provide.

If you are interested in this type of web presence, please contact us.

One last entry: here are a few example sites that I could make work for you.